Cheap Bicycles

Cheap Bicycles

Welcome to the website. Because there’s so many bicycles in circulation today, cheap bicycles are especially easy to come buy. Not only can cheap bicycles be bought new from discount stores like Wal-Mart and Target, you can also get great deals on older, more professional style bikes that people are selling. While these typically run on the higher end of “cheap”–usually several hundred dollars–you end up paying a fraction of the original cost for such a high-end device.  

Purchasing a bicycle may be one of the greatest investments you ever make for yourself. Bicycles have become an important part of modern society and culture, providing a multitude of benefits to their owners including transportation, recreation, and improved health and fitness.

As cities modernize their street plans to include prominent bicycle lanes, utlizing bicycles as a form of commute is becoming an increasingly common practice. For obvious reasons, this option is not available to everyone, but for those who live within five or ten miles of their workplace the savings in gas, benefits to health and environmental contributions make it the obvious choice.

Riding your bicycle doesn’t have to be all business — many people bike as a form of enjoyment and recreation. Whether it’s mountain, bmx, competitive racing or a leisurely afternoon ride with friends or family, a bicycle can offer something to everyone. Many cities develop and maintain recreational trails; my current home Knoxville has miles of beautiful, scenic greenway for bicycling enthusiasts.

The health benefits of daily cardiovascular exercise are undeniable — in my personal experiece I’ve dropped ten pounds effortlessly by incorporating a daily bike ride of 20 or 30 minutes into my schedule. If you have bad knees or just don’t like running, a bicyle affords the perfect opportunity to get your heart rate up. If you bike regularly for either of the reasons mentioned above, you won’t even have to set aside additional time of exercise!

Cheap Bicycles
Purchasing a bicycle doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. A cheap bicycle is not difficult to come by; there are many options available even to those on a tight budget.

  • The most expensive bicycles are high-end, state-of-the-art machines designed with serious racers and enthusiasts in mind. They have lots of price-inflating extras that a regular recreational rider will neither appreciate nor need.
  • Bike owners generally come in two classes: people who buy a bike intending to ride and never get around to it, and enthusiasts who bike often and take meticulous care of their machines. Either way, if you’re buying a used bicycle in most cases it’s almost guaranteed to be in great shape.
  • Low-end bicycles like those seen at Wal-Mart or Target are still bicycles. They still have handlebars, two wheels, a chain, saddle, pedals, etc. In most cases, they don’t collapse as soon as you sit on them either. ;) If price is really an inhibitor, you can always get a cheap bicycle. It’s definitely better than nothing.

Whatever your needs may be, this website is designed to assist you in finding your ideal machine. Chock full of helpful reviews, insider information, and a blog updated bi-weekly with the latest in cycling, Cheap Bicycles dot net is guaranteed to have the answers!